[ANN] Changes Bar 1.0 Available

Changes Bar 1.0 Available via the plugin manager.

This plugin has two main functions. Firstly it brings some of the
Changelist UI up to the main frame level, by adding a status bar section
for Changelist management. Here the currently selected default
Changelist can be both seen and selected by a popup list, and a new
Changelist may also be created. This helps the user to know exactly
which Changelist they are working in at a glance, and thus avoid making
modifications to files outside of the appropriate Changelist.

The other function of the plugin is to help manage Changelist
'collisions'. These occur when a file is modified first when one
Changelist is selected and then is subsequently modified when another
Changelist is selected. This can often happen when wide ranging edits
are done, such as name or signature refactoring.

Changes Bar helps in collision situations by moving files which have
been involved in a collision into a new autogenerated Changelist, with a
name of the form >!!<[CURRENT] where ORIGINAL and CURRENT are
the original and currently selected Changelist names, respectively. This
means that upon checkin, there is a record of collisions, and these can
be dealt with appropriately.

Changes Bar also alerts the user whenever a collision occurs by
displaying a warning icon in the status bar. Once clicked this will
clear the warning and open the Changes toolwindow for perusal of the
detected problem.

Any comments or bug reports welcome.

Coming soon in 1.1: (Just as soon as JetBrains allow me to update the
Added support for cascading collisions - e.g. A>!!!!<C
   Added support for Error Reporting (using Etienne Studer's
   Made valid only for IDEA 6.0 and above

Known issues:
   Plugin listens to Virtual File System, so collisions will only be
'noticed' on file save. (Anyone know a good way to pickup changes before
across the system before save, let me know!)

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