[ANN] NaviActionPad 0.4

Here comes the next release of NaviActionPad. Please visit the newly created home page of this plugin at http://naviactionpad.beeger.net/ for a walk through that shows how it works. Here's the changes in this release:

  • Filter now works. Just start typing and see how the list is filtered.

  • The context of the current list now also has an icon.

  • More actions - still not enough ;)

  • NaviActionPad is now extandable. There is now an extension point for actions.

  • Internal refactorings

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There is now a minor update - 0.5.

This looks better now - I have changed the list cell renderer a bit. And there are two new actions - "safe delete" and "introduce interface".
To minor an update to open a new thread for.



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