Visual SourceSafe woes continue even in 6.0.2

I just tried the beta of IntelliJ 6.0.2 and, unfortunately, my problem with SourceSafe is still being exhibited. For a refresher, the IDE completely freezes when closing a project that uses SourceSafe.

The only other information I have been able to get is that during this time when the application is frozen, the SS.EXE process is being run over and over again; as soon as it terminates a new instance is launched. I noticed this when looking in Task Manager, there was only one SS.EXE process whose PID was rapidly changing. This suggests the process kept starting, terminating, and starting again.

Are there any other ideas out there what might be causing this? Nothing is written to the ~/.IntelliJIdea60/system/log/idea.log file while closing the project so I have no other information to report.

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