How do I change the plugin name on the JetBrains Plugin Site?


I changed the plugin name in the idea-multimarkdown plugin's plugin.xml while leaving the plguin id unchanged. This was done to eliminate name infringment on MultiMarkdown project at the request of its founder, Fletcher T. Penney.

This change affected the plugin name everywhere except on the JetBrains Plugins site and in the the "Plugins supporting *.md files are found" inspection.

It appears that the on the plugin site the name of the plugin is set on plugin creation.

E-mails to plugins-admin at have not been answered.

What is the mechanism for changing the plugin name?

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I'll follow up on this internally.

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Hi Vladimir,

Plugin name is always updated from plugin.xml. There could be a bug, but I've just tested and everything works at the moment. Could you please try to upload your update again?

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The bug is now fixed and the update does indeed change the plugin name to its plugin.xml value.

I uploaded a previous build zip and the name was changed. I then promptly deleted that release.

Thank you for your help.


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