Any standard on since-build & until-build for EAP builds ?

What is the standard on <idea-version since-build=".." until-build=".."/> settings ?

I was under the impression that we use "since-build=4000" & "until-build=4999" for IntelliJ version 5.0 and
"since-build=5000" & "until-build=5999" for version 6.0.

But, the EAP beta version 6.0.2 has build #6068. Should I not be using anything for "until-build" for my current plugin version if it works on the latest EAP build ?

I did read the section called "Version and Build Number" from "The Basics of Plugin Development" documentation. But, still, its not very clear.

Please advise.



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I think 6000 - 6499 is 6.0.x and 6500 upward is/will be IDEA 6.5.


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