Show classes from a package in a dialog box

Iam writing a plugin. I want to show all the classes of a package in a dialog box so that user can select a class, how can i do this.
I tried TreeClassChooser , it is showing all the claases in project. Can anyone pls help.

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psiPackage = JavaPsiFacade.getInstance(project).findPackage()

This would get you the list of classes; e.g. com.intellij.ide.util.PsiElementListCellRenderer could be used as renderer.


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Thanks for your reply, i tried it and iam able to show the classes using following lines
ApplicationManager.getApplication().invokeLater(new Runnable() {
            public void run() {
                        setTitle("Select Class").
But having another issue now, the control goes back to the calling method even before i select the class, i want to select the class first and then then the control has to go back to calling method, how can i do this
Can you pls help

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Sure, you don't have selected class before you show popup.

The call is not blocking so you need to perform everything which relys on selectedin inside your "runnable"

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Sorry I didnot get you. I have written the code for what should happen once the class is selected inside setItemChoosenCallback(runnable), but the contol goes back to the main method before this is executed, and when i select the class, the statements get executed and nothing happens..

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Everything depending on selection should be in the callback. Controlflow would return back immediately exactly as you described. You may find a lot of examples of such code in our code base, just search for popup creation and you'll get them!

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I tried different ways, still dint get what i want, is it related to ModalityState. What ModalityStae should i specify


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