License Upgrade Needed - running plugin

This is a 'getting started' problem. [Cardea IU-135.1019]

I was able to resovle the plugin runtime configuration [ Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine. ] by simplfying the plugin project's default settings. [Need to open an issue for that]

I now have a 'do nothing' plugin, created using the wizards for a new plugin project, and for a new action [new menu bar action]. This is loosely based on the 'getting started with plugin development' wiki page.

When the plugin is run, I promptly get a 'License Upgrade Needed' dialog box.

Is that normal? [Not seeing the license for the host IJ instance?]

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Hi Dave,
Such dialog usually means that the instance of IDEA being started discovers some license, but the license is too old for the build that attempts to use it.
Possible reasons:
1. you start the newer build with the expired license or the license that is suitable for older versions only.
2. idea.config.path property for IDEA being started points to the directry that contains the non-suitable license file

Re-entering the license key should help.


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