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I am new to plugin development, so apologies if this is covered elsewhere, there were no examples on the wiki, and the search on this forum turned up nothing.

I want to add a new directory type to Intellij, so that in the "Mark Directory As" menu, there will be a new type, specific to my plugin.

How do you control how those directories are rendered in the UI?  How can I then, based on the knowledge that it's a directory of this new type, control what's in the right click menu of that directory and add in contextual new actions?


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Actually there is no way to add your own directory type in IDEA 13. Why do you need this? How your plugin will use this information? Is it possible to
detect automatically that a directory should be treated in a special way?

Nikolay Chashnikov
"Develop with pleasure!"

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I wanted to be able to mark directories as roots, like for source code, but because they're the root of a data directory for my application.  Then if i know it's a data root, certain file types would have difference sets of actions on them than if they were just in a regular old directory.

I am exploring the feasibility of building a plugin for our developers to as an aid in internal development, debugging, and performance testing.  We have a lot of utility code as sets of small java programs that we run by hand through intellij.  I'd like to build those, and some other features into a plugin for all of us to use.


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