[ANN] Tasks v1.3


New version of Tasks plugin is available.
*Version 1.3 changes *
-Tasks can have sub-tasks. Depth level is not limited. Completions, estimated and actual time are propagated to the upper level task
- Actual time is implemented, after you complete a task you can specify how long did it take. It's not used anywhere though, but you may wish to track your taks estimation accuracy.
- Actual time feature is disabled by default, to enable it go to IntelliJ Idea settings and open Tasks configuration panel
- If you delete more then 1 task you will be asked for a confirmation
- Create Task from TODO intention. If you have a todo item and place a cursor on it, you will be able create a task with todo text (alt+enter).

Screenshots are updated http://www.jetbrains.net/confluence/display/CONTEST/Tasks
Plugin is available through Plugin Repository.

Questions? Suggestions? Bug reports? Write them to ideatasks@gmail.com, here, or on wiki.
Thank you for your cooperation.


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