[ANN] EditorTree 1.0.2


I'm start continue working on my old plugin - EditorTree. Previously this plugin is used by CtrlShiftE keystroke and it show the popup of currently opened files in a tree. You can navigate by tree and throw some files (close it), also you can close all other, etc...

Now, this plugin add suport for Recent tool window. This tool window collect information about all files you opened in Editor of IntelliJ IDEA and show list of them. This functionality is similar to Ctrl+E popup, but it remember more files. It like and Web Browser history tab. All files now grouped by day (Today, Yesturday etc).

So, this tool window is very-very beta, and i will be very pleasant for any feedback of this.

To use this tool window, you must install plugin and work as usual, files will colected automaticaly. Look of them after some time.

Plugin is available via Plugin Manager, since build 6043



Hi Alexey,

Why you didn't use JBPopupFactory for wrapping your tree? You could get consistent look with other IntelliJ's popups e.g. shadow, lines color and so on.




It planed with minor priority. BTW, IDEA itself not always used this popup. This plugin is used oldstyled popups, the same as ShiftlAltC, AltF1 etc. The new JBPopup is used for CtrlE and JavaDoc popups...


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