[editor] set manually JSON language


I am the author of the mongo plugin and I succeeded to open mongo results in a editor tab (like any source file) thanks for the tips.

For Ultimate Edition users, JSON files are supported so I would like the mongo query editor to have the same behavior that a classical JSON file editor

I attach the JSONHighlighter in this way :

private void attachHighlighter(final EditorEx editor) {
    EditorColorsScheme scheme = editor.getColorsScheme();
    scheme.setColor(EditorColors.CARET_ROW_COLOR, null);

private EditorHighlighter createHighlighter(EditorColorsScheme settings) {
    Language language = Language.findLanguageByID("JSON");
    if (language == null) {
        language = Language.ANY;
    return new LexerEditorHighlighter(PlainTextSyntaxHighlighterFactory.getSyntaxHighlighter(language, null, null), settings);

It is incomplete and the question is : how to programmatically bind CodeFolding, CodeCompletion and other features to the editor?




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