[Ann] EasyPluginInstaller 0.5 released

Hi All, New plugin released. It is experimental approach to plugin management in your IDEA.
Allows to install plugin from plugins.intellij.net site right from the browser by using bookmarklet. Just click on bookmark and plugin will be installed!

First, install the EasyPluginInstaller plugin. Then, add the bookmarklet:
Name: Plugin installer
Location: javascript:baseUrl='http://jetbrains.net/confluence/download/attachments/21312';function loadScript(scriptURL) { var scriptElem = document.createElement('SCRIPT'); scriptElem.setAttribute('language', 'JavaScript'); scriptElem.setAttribute('src', scriptURL);document.body.appendChild(scriptElem);}; loadScript(baseUrl + '/postRequestForm.js');

You can also install the bookmarklet from the plugin page by simply dragging corresponding link to browser's Bookmarks/Links toolbar.

Now to install new plugin, make sure IDEA is running, navigate to the plugin page on plugins.intellij.net and click the "Plugin installer" bookmark.


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