Highlighting of read-only blocks

I want to setup for document some read-only blocks and  higlight them to see where are they.
Currently I use com.intellij.openapi.editor.Document#createGuardedBlock to create read-only blocks and com.intellij.openapi.editor.markup.MarkupModel#addRangeHighlighter to highlight them.
Maybe someone has an idea how do this better?
I'm asking because I have problem with highlighting updates - when I reload externally modified document I need to update position of read-only blocks and highlighting of them. So I remove them and create new ones. At first refresh of editor I see new position of highlighting, but one second later it comes back to previous position (before document reload) - read-only block are up to date, but highlighting looks invalid. It's back to valid position on second document reload or on re-focus of document editor window.

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I believe, it's done by default if it's set up in color scheme. Check 'Readonly fragment background' in color scheme configuration. It's set for default scheme, but not set for Darcula currently.


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