Showing custom dialog box

Is it possible to show a custom dialog box using Messages or any other mechanism? I wanted to show a Dialog box that has multiple elements such as a drop-down list, a text area and a checkbox. Please suggest me the best approach.

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This is what I do:

final TailIntegrationForm form = new TailIntegrationForm(); //"GUI form" made in IntelliJ GUI designer form.setData(getTailSettings()); DialogBuilder builder = new DialogBuilder(SettingsDialog.this.getRootComponent()); builder.setCenterPanel(form.getRoot());
builder.setDimensionServiceKey("GrepConsoleTailFileDialog"); builder.setTitle("Tail File settings"); builder.removeAllActions(); builder.addOkAction(); builder.addCancelAction(); boolean isOk = == DialogWrapper.OK_EXIT_CODE; if (isOk) {     ... }


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