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Interesting, and pleasantly lightweight. Some notes:

1) One thing I noticed is that I'm not allowed to enter times greater than two hours. I understand the theory that any task longer than two hours should be broken up, but your plugin shouldn't just silently enforce this.

2)When sorting by priority, high-priority items should be at the top.

3)There needs to be a low-priorty setting. There doesn't really need to be a "don't know" priority setting.

4)There needs to be a concept of sub-tasks, hierarchically. Time and percent complete rollups as well.

5)When you order by priority, the priority tree node should default to expanded.

6)Right-click creating a task from a TODO comment would be sweet, particularly if you could click on the task and navigate to the TODO comment.

--Dave Griffith

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4 and 6 together would be great.

I try to fake it today with the regular TODOs, but it doesn't work well, since there is no master list for a task.

If you do 4, it would be nice to be able to order the sub-tasks.

And, I would like to keep the TODOs/sub Tasks in place as I complete them, and then blow them away all at once when I am ready for production. That way, if there is an issue in testing, I have some reference points.

Something like this would be great for a complex changes, cleaning up old/inherited code, run away classes and methods, etc.

I won't be able to try the plugin until later tonight; I cannot reach the plugin repository from work.

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Thanks guys.
I will do my best to get all suggestions in new version of Task.

The reason why there is "Not sure" category is because I couldn't find a proper icon for low priority. Perhaps I need to draw my own.


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For what it is worth, I use multiple types of todos(though I have to hack the live template XML to make them work with a slash) to simulate different priorities. This was even discussed once(to get more icons for todos), but it never went anywhere.

Here is a list of priority todos that I use. These may be a bit of overkill(and some might not be applicable), but they work for me.

Critical - This is work that has to be done before launch
Fixme - This is a bug that needs to be fixed before launch
Temporary - Occassional I have to put in a temp change for test, and then remove it for production, because of the enviornment I am in.
Remove - Sometimes if I am making a major logic change, I like to duplicate the code and put a //Remove on it(would love to do it with a date but IDEA doesn't have a date variable). That way I have the line for reference if there is a problem during testing.
Review - This means that I have seen something that could be improved and have marked it for review in the future
Note - This is documenation that is a bit more visibile
Idea - Similar to review, except is something more of a new feature, for the future
Future Use - Something I have added in anticipation of the future, but that is not used at that time
TODO - Just the good old TODO(I am using these less and less and using my more specific TODOs)

These just help to keep me organized a bit, but more at a class level, though I have a grouping of todos for Critical, Fixme, and Temporary that I call Stop Ship, which I work from and check before production

But, the point of my long rambling is that it would be great if we could setup our own priorities, or, have the priorities linked with the TODOs(the TODOs are possible priorities), or similar. This is something I have been wanting for a while.

Also, here is the short discussion on new icons for todos http://www.intellij.net/forums/thread.jspa?messageID=544265&#544265

One of the replies has some sample icons attached. Please feel free to use them.


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