Automating intelliJ IDEA from script

I'm trying to think of a way to automatically test my dev environmnet setup. To achieve that, I want to make IntelliJ IDEA run specific steps (e.g. "open project, compile, run target").
Is it possible to interact with IntelliJ IDEA from the outside? Maybe load it with "run specific macro"?
If it's not possible, I thought about creating a plugin that listens on a port and automate IntelliJ from within (run macro, wait, execute specific actions). Is there such a plugin already? If there something similar that can be looked at as an example?

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Have you read the advice given within the testing documentation?
It suggests ways to perform such tasks in an automated manner through tests. Similarly you can achieve this through UI automation.

If this isn't suitable, perhaps your use case could be described in more detail? :)


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