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Why is it, that even though I

- entered a "Add info to RSS feed and news channels" comment
- changed the license of the plugin from free software to open source
- provided a license file
- uploaded a source-zip

when uploading a new version, nothing of that actually shows up on the plugin's
(XPathView) page and it also doesn't show up in the "10 New or Updated" list on Also, the "change notes" from the plugin.xml are not
displayed either.

What's the deal with that?


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I know you guys are almost drowning in release-preparations, but could someone
please be so kind and tell me whether I either did something wrong, or if
there's a general problem with the plugin repository that will be addressed


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Another data point: For TabSwitch no info showed up in the RSS feed either and the source zip I uploaded seems lost too. The RSS feed especially seems totally broken since the plugin contest announcement. The source link I have seen working on the WindowDressing plugin for example :
The change notes of TabSwitchare are visible and it is present in the "10 New or Updated" list. A bit different experience with every plugin it seems.



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