[ANN] Plugin Packer 1.0


This is another one trinket plugin. Now for plugin developers. It quickly build your plugin into:

So this plugin is replacement to standard Prepare Plugin Module <...> For Deployment action from DevKit plugin. Now you can use both to compare.

At glance:

  • This plugin build always ZIP archive (standard one builded JAR files for small plugins)

  • This plugin never put to ZIP archive wrong libraries (standard action will copy to lib folder any jars you connected to module, but it is wrong for depended plugins and for every one jar from IDEA/lib or plugins folder).

  • This plugin Make module before building archive (standard action will no compile anything).

  • This plugin can name ZIP archive with values from plugin.xml - plugin.id and plugin.version (standard action will always name your JAR/ZIP as module name).

  • This plugin have shortkey CtrlShiftK :)

Plugin available from Plugin Manager since build 5692.


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