YAML plugin wierd behaviours

I'm working on plugin which using/depends on YAML plugin. I noticed several wierd behaviours of this plugin:

  • On YAMLSequence like this:

- !some.fully.qualified.java.class      property: foo value      someOtherProperty: another foo value

     getChildren() returns array of YAMLKeyValues with 2 elements, but getFirstChild() returns PsiElement with text "-". IMHO it is wierd behavoiur - if I ask for first child I rather expect first element of getChildren() - why this works in this way?

  • for this example:

        - foo value
        - foo value

     blue, bolded text is treated as compound value of firstProperty - why?

  • Not every PsiElement in YAML is visited in annotating - I've noticed that com.intellij.lang.annotation.Annotator#annotate is called by com.intellij.codeInsight.daemon.impl.DefaultHighlightVisitor for every element and its children, but for previous example YAMLKeyValue for firstProperty is ommited (only compound value is visited) - why?

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