How to properly add dependency to another plugin: "TestProxy cannot be cast to TestProxy"


My plugin needs to depend on some classes (like TestProxy) from com.intellij.execution.junit2. Which is another plugin.
So I add /Applications/IntelliJ IDEA 13 as a dependency for my own module (in File -> Project Structure -> ...)

However, for the following piece of code:

public void testSuiteFinished(AbstractTestProxy root) {

     TestProxy junitTest = (TestProxy) root;


I get the following exception (which you don't quite see everyday):

java.lang.ClassCastException: com.intellij.execution.junit2.TestProxy cannot be cast to com.intellij.execution.junit2.TestProxy

This is because the class files are loaded by different class loaders. If I print the class loaders I get:

my TestProxy classloader: PluginClassLoader[, 0.1]

IDEA's TestProxy classloader: PluginClassLoader[JUnit, 1.0]

I also tried adding <depends>JUnit</depends> to my plugin.xml but the same exception gets thrown.

So my question is, how can I depend on a plugin that IDEA also uses? As in depend on the same instance of the plugin.

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You must add any plugin dependencies not to your module, but to the IntelliJ Platform SDK you're using.
Additionally your plugin must add corresponding <depends> tags to determine runtime dependencies.

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I moved the static dependency from the module into the SDK and it worked. Thanks.

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Change the scope of the dependency in the module dependencies config to 'provided' so it correctly gets loaded by the launched instance of IDEA rather than the system classpath.


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