Getting started writing a debugger plugin


I'm getting my feet wet with plugin development and was wondering how I would get started in writing a custom debugger. I'm not trying to do anything too fancy and I'm really wanting to know the feasibility/difficulty involved. I'd like to try reading output from gdb spawned in a separate process and using that to drive the Idea debugger over a text file, simple breakpoint integration is what mty initial goal would be. I've browsed the wiki and docs, noted the documentation on custom language support, and I've even downloaded the Kahlua plugin to try to reverse engineer. I was just wondering if anyone here could help guide me or point me to some documentation I may have missed. Thanks in advance!


I concur - some high level documentation on this subject matter would be nice :)

However, in the mean time, if I remember correctly;
The PositionManager can be used for languages which run on the JVM, ie scripting languages that implement JSR-45. So if there is a way to correlate your bytecode to your files, then this is the API to use.
The XDebugger API is however used for custom languages. Note for this method, if you haven't already, you should provide your own run configuration which is documented here


Thanks a bunch! I was looking at Kahlua source and indeed, the RunConfig is the first thing I noticed. Thanks for the link, that doc should come in handy!


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