How does community edition build the Android Support plugin?

Hey all,

I'm doing some work on a Gradle plugin that ties in quite closely with the IntelliJ Android Support plugin, which is now developed by Google ( I'd like to be able to debug what happens in that plugin when my gradle plugin runs.

I downloaded and built community edition per the instructions, and managed to get a build running, but the Android Support plugin was not even there. I noticed there's a gant file that attempts to build the android plugin only if a certain variable is set (sorry for the lack of specifics - I am not currently on the computer where I did this work). But I don't understand how the CE source code pulls in the code from Google's android plugin.

So really, I have two questions:

1. How do I set up a build environment such that I can run CE with the Android Support plugin in it? I don't understand gant at all, so any pointers to CE's build details would be helfpul.
2. How do official CE builds happen? I'd like to understand how it is determined which version of Google's plugin gets pulled into each CE release.



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