IDETalk plugin - disable by default?

After playing around a bit with IntelliJ 6 I'm tending towards a recommendation to upgrade from 5.x; the biggest driver being the integrated code coverage.
However, I've got a requirement to disable the IDETalk functionality by default, mostly because Jabber is not approved by the security/compliance department.

Is this possible?

I can see 2 ways of disabling it:
a) Can it be (locally) removed from the installation altogether? That would be the preferred way, because the installation can just be packaged and rolled out that way.

b) Can it be done in a config file? Then this config file would become the default for new installations, but of course users can change that configuration, I guess, so this is the less secure way.

Any pointers are greatly appreciated,

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Delete the idetalk plugin from the ]]>/plugins directory

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thanks, I'll give that a try


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