Unsatisfied Dependencies: ProjectimportBuilder

Hey guys,

I'm trying to develop a Project Importer for a custom language.

I'm using Intellij-Community 133.696 to debug my plugin.

The classes "openapi.Project" and "projectImport.ProjectImportProvider" are available in the parent Intellij-Version
and the Intellij-SDK, which is used to run the plugin.

The Intellij-SDK contains lib/idea.jar and lib/openapi.jar,
but when I run the plugin and try to import a project, I get the following error message:

"Unsatisfied dependency: class com.intellij.projectImport.ProjectImportBuilder among unsatisfiable dependencies: [[class com.intellij.projectImport.ProjectImportBuilder]] where AreaPicoContainer[null] was the leaf container being asked for dependencies."

Any hints on how to resolve it?


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