[ANN] - Generate toString() v3.26 released


I just released it and uploaded to the plugin manager.

Plugin homepage:

At the homepage I have added 7 screenshots showing the plugin in action and some of it's more advanced features.

v3.26 for IDEA 5.1x and 6.0x (july-26-2006)
- Refactored to use Java 5.0 codestyle
- New default template: org.apache.commons.lang.ToStringBuilder
- Added 7 screenshots to the IDEA plugin page demonstrating this plugin and some of its features
- Class does not override toString() quick-fix now inserts correctly in javafile (not at caret position as it's in the classname)
- Field not used in toString() inspection now ignores if you use Jakarta Commons ReflectionToStringBuilder to dump the fields
- Move caret to generated method did not work with template quick selection list enabled
- Insert new method at caret did not work properly with template quick selection list enabled (see first bugfix)

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