[ANN] Native2Ascii Announcements

New versions of the Native2Ascii plugin will be announced under this topic. If you want to get informed automatically about new versions then please select the "Watch this Topic" option.

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Version 1.0.9 is available for downloading since build 5557.

  • Bug fix with depricated use of FileType 'extensions' instead of 'patterns'

  • The properties files now compilable (you can compile single file by right click in editor)

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Plugin can be downloaded via Plugin Manager (IDE Settings->Plugins) or directly from here:

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Sorry, but how can I use this? I right click on a properties file but cannot find anything relate with Native2Ascii (IDEA buld 5557)

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Open file in Editor and right click within the Editor will show you compile. I realy don't know why Compile unavailable for properties in ProjectView :)

The Native2Ascii is just a inlined IDEA compiler, such as Java compiler or GUI form compiler. It may be used then your project stored properties in native encoding.

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I tried to right click in editor but Compile menu is disable. And when I press Ctrl + F9 to make project, I will have a 'Native2Ascii - Resources collisions' dialog (see the attachment)

I'm using IDEA build 5557.

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This is mean that you have patterns in Compiler settings for *.properties, and native2ascii compiler warn about it. Cos in this case the *.properties files are copied into output by two ways:

The one Test.properties file compiled by:
src->resources copier->output

And there are no guaranties that native2ascii will overwrite this file correctly.

To resolve it, just remove ?*.properties from Compiler resource patterns.

Regarding to your question about "Why compile command is disabled". In plugin where are follow code (ProjectComponent implementation):

Now i've recheck it for my file and it realy disabled. I've test it only on ResourceBundles properties and it was enabled, maybe it disabled on single properties... I'll ask it to someone in JB, thanks!


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