[ANN] IdeaSpring 1.3-EAP2

I've just released IdeaSpring v1.3-EAP2 that you can download from http://yanaware.com/ideaspring/eap.php

Please copy included ideapsring.key to your Intellij Idea's config directory.


  • [YWSPR-28] - 'Constructor is not valid' inspection doesn't consider parent/child relationships
  • [YWSPR-29] - 'Constructor is not valid' must be only valid on non-abstract beans
  • [YWSPR-30] - 'Constructor is not valid' must pickup invalid beans with no constructor-args
  • [YWSPR-31] - "full form instead of short one" inspection must not be valid when the "type" attribute is used
  • [YWSPR-33] - Value tags using type attribute may raise errors


  • [YWSPR-32] - "full form instead of short one" inspection should use minimal xml notation
  • [YWSPR-34] - Rename "Error Messages" tab to "Parsing Errors"
  • [YWSPR-38] - "Go to the class" -> "Go to class"


  • [YWSPR-5] - AbstractMethodException when using quickfix

New Feature

  • [YWSPR-11] - Add a "structured" view to bean browser
  • [YWSPR-12] - "Insert dependency" action
  • [YWSPR-47] - Graph of beans by config file


  • [YWSPR-45] - Make adjustements to use SpringFramework 2.0RC1

Usability Problem

  • [YWSPR-35] - Idea's syntax parser is not well refreshed when modifications are done
  • [YWSPR-36] - Renaming bean with name (not id) not allowed

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Any timeframe on Demetra support? I'd love to give this a whirl.

--Dave Griffith

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The only thing right now that's not compatible with Demetra is my use of com.intellij.find.findUsages.CommonFindUsagesDialog which is part of the closed API.
Constructor has changed after build 5289 IIRC.

So as soon as i find a way to use it for both Irida and Demetra (i'm lazy and don't wan't to maintain 2 separate code base) it'll be available for Demetra.


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not ideal but you could use reflection to detect which constructor exists and call the correct one at runtime?

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what i am using for other incompatibilities is something that i saw in the excellent TestDox plugin. I've got an ApiFactory class which instantiate the good class at runtime based on idea version name and build number.

So i've got my ApiFactory instantiating either IridaApi or DemetraApi both implementing Api interface. For example in Api i have :

void registerQuickFixAction(final HighlightInfo info, final IntentionAction intentionAction);

ClassLoader getPluginClassLoader(final String pluginId);

String getPluginVersion(final String pluginId);

and few more.

So i'll use something like that for CommonFindUsagesDialog.

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Did anyone with a mac try this release ? I've got someone reporting that

"The EAP2 release of IdeaSpring causes havoc with the key mappings on a Mac. You can’t even click on the “key mapping” button under Settings. Big bug."

Anyone have the same problem ???

Thank you.


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