Plugin Development with IDEA 13

I've been using IDEA 12 for plugin development - and now moved to 13.  I've installed Grammar-Kit 1.1.7 and JFlex Support 1.5.1.  I can generate the Parser code.  I can genreate the JFlex lexer.  But the Lexer doesn't get compiled into a Java class.  We used to have to go into settings and turn the External Builder server off, but this setting has gone away with 13.  Can someone please tell me how to get the JFlex file compiled?

Thanks in advance.

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Just found the missing step......I had to right-click on the *.flex file and select "Run JFlex Generator".  This downloaded the idea-flex.skeleton and JFlex.jar and then compiled the *.flex file into Java.

I thought default JFlex settings were correct (and thus I didn't have to do this step), but now that I look at them closer, they default to:

Path to JFlex: /Applications/IntelliJ IDEA

This path doesn't exist in the IDEA 13 download - it exists if you clone the Community Edition version of IDEA from GitHub.

Lesson learned.

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Please deinstall JFlex support plugin, it does not work properly with 13. You can generate everything using GrammarKit now.


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