Plugin not installing

I am using IntelliJ 4.5

Until recently I use to able to download an install plugins, but not anymore.
When I select "Download and Install Plugin", I see the download progress popup, but after that nothing happens. The "Status" of the plugin stays "Not installed".
Restarting intelliJ, or the machine does not fix the problem.

If anyone has come across this problem and found a fix, please help.
If you have any pointers on configurations to look, location of error logs that might explain why it not installing etc, any and all help appreciated.

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Same problem here (was trying to install JetStyle w/ IntelliJ 4.5.2).
This is what I did:

- exit IntelliJ.
- create a directory under the IntelliJ plugins directory (in my case jetstyle)
- created a lib directory underneath that: plugins/jetstyle/lib
- copied the Jar files (jetstyle.jar, checkstyle-all4.1.jar) that came
with the plugin into the lib directory.
- restart IntelliJ.
- open File -> Settings to check that the Plugin is available and to configure it.

I have no idea if this is how you're supposed to do it. It seems to work for me...


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