How to get an Abstract Syntax Tree from IntelliJ IDEA?

I've been trying to build a Java AST using IntelliJ IDEA, but I've had difficulty finding any information on doing so.
Can someone point me in the right direction with regards to this? I want to create the AST primarily for Java, and then potentially for other languages in future.
The idea is to create an AST for a project, then store the AST in a triplestore database.

The built-in PSI Viewer appears to provide something close to what I'm looking for, perhaps there is a way to create something like an AST using PSI objects?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Welcome to the community; You may find the following links useful

Psi/AST overview for Languages -

PsiCookbook -

Architectural Overview -

In essence, all of this information exists for you already within a PSI file - the root of a PSI tree - and is accessible through the JavaPsiFacade.
If you really need access to the AST nodes, then you can access this via getNode() on a PsiElement.

Hope this helps :)


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Thanks Alan, JavaPsiFacade was certainly the way to go.


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