Programmatically retrieve folder locations

Hi all,
I'm developing a plugin and I'd like to log some actions using log4j.
I have to decide where to put the log file generated by log4j.
Which is the safest location, in order not to throw "Access denied" or similar Exceptions?
Is there a way to retrieve such locations in a programmatic way?

Thank you very much


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The best way is to use standard IntelliJ logging mechanism:

import com.intellij.openapi.diagnostic.Logger;
private static final Logger LOG = Logger.getInstance(YourClass.class.getName());;

By default INFO level and above is saved to file, you may tune log.xml file in IntelliJ IDEA installation. Logs appear in standard log file (Help | Show logs).

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Thank you Alexander,
the retrieval of safe location is not only needed for logging purpose, but also for other tasks.
So, apart from logging purpose, in which location may a write my own files?

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Is your question related to the IDE?
System temp folder seems to be the best: See also other methods of FileUtil class.

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Thank you very much Alexander, that's exactly what I need!


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