Webservice plugin not finding localhost server.


I just downloaded and installed the webservice plugin (version 0.5 build 2) for intellij
(5.1.1 build 4192). My problem is that I can not get the plugin to recognize that an instance of tomcat is running. The steps I took were:

1. I created a WebApp Module.
2 I run the WebService Enable support option from the Tools menu. The result of this action seems to correctly add the axis jar files to the project.
3. I configure and run an instance of Tomcat locally(inside intellij of course). As a result of doing this I can see the /services page with the two default axis web services... (I run this instance on the default context and port ==> localhost:8080/services)
4. I select the java class that will become the service and from the tools menu I choose "Deploy Java Class as web service". this action prompts me to enter all the relevant information but the status on that dialog box says: The webserver localhost:8080 is not running...

I tried to change the ports and the context of the web app but it seems to not find the tomcat instance that is running, any ideas?



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There is known problem about webservices plugin does not work correctly when tomcat does not have 'ROOT' webapplication (TomCat has it by default). Thus using fresh TomCat copy should help.


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