Editor get/setFontSize() 'deprecated'?

In intellij 12 I had a custom LivePlugin that bound a couple of actions to increase & descrease the editor font size with hotkeys.

Just discovered the editor.setFontSize(), editor.getFontSize() methods appear to be missing in IJ13? any idea how I can reproduce the effect?

Rider: I wrote these because when I was presenting, it was typically without a mouse only using a trackpad so ctrl+scrollwheel action was useless (ditto on Mac OSX). I know about the presentation mode, but I use the actions for other stuff (like on ropey scaled VNC sessions like I am on now) I'm editing not presenting.

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Oh nevermind if that makes no sense. Seems I've a different copy of the plugin in IntelliJEval folder which casts the editor to an EditorImpl guess I've got an older copy in LivePlugin.
i.e. def editorImpl = (editor as EditorImpl)

Also Linux seems a bit different to Windows, my "ctrl alt -" bindings doesn't seem to activate at all? not so sure about that, but actions are not activating. But the actions are not firing, it's not the setFontSize() that doesn't work.

Damn fuzzy yaks.


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