[ANN] IdeaSpring 1.2.6

Release Notes - IdeaSpring - Version 1.2.6


  • [YWSPR-28] - 'Constructor is not valid' inspection doesn't consider parent/child relationships
  • [YWSPR-29] - 'Constructor is not valid' must be only valid on non-abstract beans
  • [YWSPR-30] - 'Constructor is not valid' must pickup invalid beans with no constructor-args
  • [YWSPR-31] - "full form instead of short one" inspection must not be valid when the "type" attribute is used
  • [YWSPR-33] - Value tags using type attribute may raise errors


  • [YWSPR-32] - "full form instead of short one" inspection should use minimal xml notation
  • [YWSPR-34] - Rename "Error Messages" tab to "Parsing Errors"


  • [YWSPR-5] - AbstractMethodException when using quickfix

Usability Problem

  • [YWSPR-35] - Idea's syntax parser is not well refreshed when modifications are done

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