How to override/append/intercept existing inspections?

Is there an easy way to update existing inspections and/or References and Resolve?

I have a spring configuration file that has following configuration:
<import resource="@{com.amq.configuration}"/>
Obviously, IDEA does not recognize @{com.amq.configuration} as valid value. This value get replaced later by gradle at compilation time into real value from appropriate file for particular environment:
<import resource="myFiltreredConfig.xml"/>
Now, ideally I would like to have ability to intercept/override Intellij spring integration inspection for resource resolving and replace value @{com.amq.configuration} to the value that it will be replaced to in my local environment. I would not really like to write the whole language plugin for doing that, I'd rather extend||override||intercept and override the @{.*} values.
Please let me know what is the easiest way for doing it?

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Unfortunately there's no way to extend/override the current behavior. You might want to create a feature request to allow extending "Resource" references in our issue tracker (

Another option might be to use .properties files in your project and refer to the value via ${com.ampq.configuration} notation, your build script then just would have to be changed to work against those .properties files instead of Spring configuration files.


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