[ANN] IdeaSpring 1.3-EAP1

Release Notes - IdeaSpring - Version 1.3-EAP1

New Feature
[YWSPR-4] - Implements FindUsages for beans [YWSPR-6] - Navigation and validation when using programmatic acces to a bean [YWSPR-7] - Implements GoTo Symbol for beans [YWSPR-8] - Supports SpringFramework 2.0 schema based configuration [YWSPR-9] - Parse modified (not saved) config files [YWSPR-10]]>] - Implements preview for rename refactoring and move refactoring

Usability Problem
[YWSPR-20]]>] - "GoTo class" should put the cursor on the class declaration line

You can download it from http://yanaware.com/ideaspring.
Please copy included ideapsring.key to your Intellij Idea's config directory. The license is valid until 15 of june.

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