How do I execute the aapt command?

Hi there, straight to business:

Preconditions: One action plugin with
dependency in plugin.xml.

Requirment: to be able to run the

command from the actionPerformed method's context.

Yes, I can always just bundle my plugin with aapt.jar but I strolngly would like to avoid this external dependency as long as this library is already used by android plugin.
I also suspect that android plugin may give me the benefit of full aapt related class hierarchy: service/manager, task and so on.

Thanks in advance.
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If your action requires Android SDK configured for project or module, you can get IAndroidTarget object using AndroidPlatform.getInstance().getTarget() and then pass it to the one of methods of AndroidApt class.

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Thank you, AndroidApt.packageResources() did the trick!


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