[ANN] Struts Plugin V0.93DEV for Demetra (Build #5245)

V0.93DEV (04/24/06)

For DEMETRA (Build #5245)

Finally the background syntax highlighting is usable in #5245 :)

New Features:
- Structure View for struts-config.xml, tiles-defs.xml, validation.xml (BETA)
- Config Files: detection now additionally works using PUBLIC ID and non-standard DTD-URI
- Config Files: performance improvements for highlighting of unused declaration
- Config Files: intention for removing unused declaration
- JSP: add support for SSLExt taglib (http://sslext.sourceforge.net)
- Various performance improvements, especially when using Tiles
- Settings: detect Struts Version 1.2.9, warn on using 1.2.8
- Settings: removed inspection run times table

- Various smaller improvements & bugfixes

Please note that the current structure view implementation is not feature complete and will be reworked for future versions.


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