[ANN] OpenWith 1.0


New trinket plugin for enable 'Open With' for files in project view. It usefull for some development, when you need, for example, open XML file but as Plain text (right click, Open With->Text files Editor). This also can be used for unassigned extensions in project. Files shown as 'Unknow' also can be opened by 'Open with' in any Lanaguage editor supported by IDEA.

I'm used it then i'm need to disable Language and open file as plain text. Or then i need to open Unknown file in seleted editor.

Plugin is available via Plugin Manager since 5231 build.


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Great. Have been wanting this for ages.
Couple of things:

Project context menu:
"Open with" enabled for directories - it shouldn't be
"Open with" menu item not present for iml,ipr,iws files

Would be good to have on the editor context menu

Completion/Errors in the "opened with" editor do not work (e.g. open arbitrary text file as java should show lots of errors, it doesn't).

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About directories. Very strange. I'm check file type of VirtualFile and accept only files with LanguageFileType. But maybe it side effect of last addition - i'm also accept files with UnknownFileType.

About IML and IPR files. Thiese fiels not based on LanguageFileType. And i guess it will fires error, then you will edit it other editor.


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