[ANN] Batch Scripts Support 1.0


Just another one Custom Language plugin that enables Windows Batch Scripts support in IDEA (BAT and CMD files). Only highlighting for now.

If you have BAT or CMD extension binded to Text files, you probably should be removed it from Text files to enable highlighting by this plugin.

Plugin is available from Plugin Manager since 5231 build.


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I could see this plugin being great for generic scripting as well - jruby, groovy, jython, rhino, bash.

Instead of bundling everything - it might be better to have configurable script providers where we give a link to a jar/classpath and main class.

Mmmm. Or maybe thats just getting to overkill.

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Just not sure what i'm understand you correctly. You suggest to make this plugin as standalone application?

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Oh wait - now last nights vodka has worm off I actuallly -READ- the post and see its a language/highlighting plugin :)

I'll go back to sleep now.


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