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Hallo everyone,
I'm new here and just wrote my first little plugin and have some experience in eclipse plugin development.
I created my own filetype with syntax highlighting reference detection and so on - all according to this nice tutorial:

Now I want to create my own project type, i.e. I want to give the user a predefined directory structure and only allow to create files of my created filetypes. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find some examples or tutorials. Thanks for any help, Sebastian

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I haven't tested this, but I believe you will want to use the projectTemplatesFactory extension point, where you can register your factory, then you can return your ProjectTemplate implementations.

This seems to be a new API added to IJ-12, so you can look a the Community Edition sources and the Android plugin codebase under to see how it works - hopefully :)

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I know it might not be easy to undestand but you can check: to see how it's done.
It will allow you to see how we are doing it for both IDEA and non-IDEA projects, check the implemetation classes.

Hope it helps.


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