Building Idea plugin on CI server (aka the easiest way to get openapi-12.0.jar)

Hi. I would like to be able to build a plugin for Idea (which is just one of the modules in the whole project) with Maven without the need to have IntelliJ Idea installed on given environment (for example on CI server). The plugin requires openapi-12.0.jar and a few other jars. I noticed that in the past those jars were published into Central, but recent versions are not available anymore. I wonder why?

I have found maven-intellij-openapi project, but I don't like to use openapi jars from 3rd party repository. Are they available from some JetBrains reposiotory? If not where can I manually download openapi-12.0.jar (and related jars) in the version compatible with Idea 12.x to put it in my own repository?



Hi there,

Have you searched the forum? :)

There were recent posts about this topic that are worth reading;

For instance are any of the following of use?
Re: How to automate testing for IDEA plugins (TravisCI specifically)



Sure, I did (of course just after I sent my post, not before, but I did :)).

I've got know that JetBrains neither upload those artifacts to Central nor provide their own repository (although I still don't know why).

All found solutions assumes getting jars directly from IdeaCE installation. I don't want to install/unzip IdeaCE on CI server, so I would need to get required jars manually and put it in some my repository. Is there somewhere available information about changes between openapi jars in for example 12.0 and 12.0.4? Is it safe to take jars from 12.0.4 to keep my plugin compatible with the whole 12.0.x line (also earliest versions)?



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