How to use SDKs for non-IDEA IDEs


In my quest to add support for non-IDEA IDEs to the golang plugin (PR here: I've hit the following issue:
- while running the plugin + PHPStorm from IDEA the Go SDK is available in the project itself if it was previously configured by IDEA
- if I run only PHPStorm then the SDK isn't visible anymore

I've checked the list here and it doesn't seem I'm using anything that's Java specific. In this case, how should I make the SDK editing dialog appear? And how should it be saved to the project so that it's visible under the External libraries option?

Please see attached for reference


from IDEA.png
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The SDK editing dialog does not exist in IDEs other than IntelliJ IDEA; all of them use custom, product-specific UI for configuring interpreters. You need to provide your own UI for specifying the Go SDK location and code to add it to the external libraries. (The model is still there; it's just the UI that is different.)


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