Unused property inspection...

Hey all,

Not sure which plugin the unused property inspection comes from but I'm
finding it somewhat unflexable with no settings :(

I just found "80 unused properties" from my translation files, but
they're not actually unused, I have a custom tag thats used like:

<bm:button href="javascript:purgeMessages();" key="button.purge"/>

And the key is the, you guessed it - property key. I'm sure other
people probably have something similar, or use other frameworks with
custom tags that don't trigger IDEAs "this is used" inspection.

Any chance of adding some form of customization here?

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It's not from a plugin, it's built in.

--Dave Griffith

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Dave Griffith wrote on 22/03/06 06:20:

It's not from a plugin, it's built in.

Doh :(


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