How do SettingsEditor, Configurable and a settings class connect?


Could someone please explain how SettingsEditor, Configurable and a plugins settings class are supposed to connect together? In my plugin.xml I have my settings class which is an applicationService. I also registered an applicationConfigurable which is supposed to help me configure the settings in File -> Settings. Where does SettingsEditor fit in in all this? It is not a JComponent, so it cannot be used as the result for Configurable.createComponent(). I could cook up a JPanel with my settings, but if SettingsEditor is made specifically for that, for example to keep Look and Feel the same, than I would rather use that.\

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Hi there,

In my camelry plugin I register an application-component for persistence and implement PersistentStateComponent<Model>
I also provide a Configurable implementation for the applicationConfigurable extension point - It is within this class I provide my JComponent instance under the `createComponent()` implementation, which provides the user with the settings interface.

I didn't need to provide a SettingsEditor implementation anywhere :)


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Hey Alan,

Thanks for your reply. I had figured out the part of the Configurable and applicationService. I thought SettingsEditor had to fit in somewhere as well. I'll stick with the current solution then. Thanks!



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