Make/Compile Errors In Community Edition Source

In the last few days I have noticed some compile errors in the community edition source when I run Make before run.
It seems to stem from changes to the source conflicting with dependencies in the IDEA SDK.
e.g. com.intellij.psi.infos.MethodCandidateInfo#getPertinentApplicabilityLevel is not in the latest IDEA SDK yet but it is in the sources so com.intellij.psi.scope.conflictResolvers.JavaMethodsConflictResolver#preferVarargs doesn't compile because the class from the SDK is picked up first.

If I move the source higher than the SDK in the module dependencies the class compiles.
However, it is not the only instance.
Should the SDK be changed in all of the modules to be the lowest in the dependencies to avoid this?

I am running IC-132.947.

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IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition source code needs to be compiled against a regular Java SDK, not against an IntelliJ IDEA plugin SDK.


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