How do I develop my own test runner for PyCharm?

I don't see any documentation about it.
Is it possible within the current plugin API?


Yes, it's possible. Please wait until the source code of PyCharm Community Edition is released; then you'll be able to use existing test runners as examples.


So there is an example but no documentation.
What exactly do I need to do in order to add a test runner?


Each test runner contains of two components: the runtime part that reports the results to PyCharm and the PyCharm part: a run configuration that starts the test runner process, receives the results and displays the output. As the communication format between the two, we normally use TeamCity service messages written to the standard output of the process. They're documented at

As an example (supporting the standard unittest framework), see helpers/pycharm/ for the Python part and the code in com.jetbrains.python.testing.unittest package for the Java part.

For documentation on creating run configurations, please see


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