Rearranger plugin issue with overloaded methods

Hi Dave,

I have a rearranger issue with overloaded methods.
I have class B extends class A.
A implements the Externalizable interface and declares toString, equals, hashcode.
B has its own toString, equals, hashcode methods.

If i rearrange A, the methods will be correctly grouped with comments like : 'canonical methods' and 'implements Externalizable'.

If i rearrange B i would like to have the same grouping... Unfortunately, all methods (canonical and externalization related) will be grouped under 'other methods'. Notice that i've tried to disable 'keep overloaded methods together' and didn't change anything...

PS : i'm using version 4.3.1


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The problem is that the Psi utility to return supermethods no longer finds a supermethod for "equals", "toString" and other canonical methods. It looks like the Psi class hierarchy does not have java.lang.Object at its root. I'll post a question in the openapi forum and hope to get an answer or a fix from someone at JetBrains.


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Hi Dave, thank you for investigating the problem.

I forgot to precise that i'm using Intellij 5.0.2 (not Demetra)...



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