Grammar kit tutorial(s)

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Is there any place where I could learn to use grammar kit from creating a simple math expression parser to maybe a more mature, or even full-blown, language? With all IDEA bells and whistles.
I've searched a bunch of documentation over the Internet but there's no precise example on how to do it, or maybe I didn't found it yet and in that case, could you please point me to the right direction?

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There's a full step-by-step tutorial here
Also GrammarKit homepage has some documentation online and points to other open source language plugins built on top of it.


Hi Yann,

Thank you for your reply. I know about the other plugins that use GrammarKit and I've took a look at them, but the learning curve is pretty steep right now, at least for me.
I was looking form something more in line with: and how PEGs should be integrated in a plugin.
As for the Custom Language Support tutorial, I've been all over it, really nicely done, but it explains the some concepts too generally, like how to do a more advanced parser in it.
I hope now it's a bit more clear what I'm searching for.

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There's no need to repeat the work of other authors. One can read about PEG and IntelliJ parsing architecture somewhere else and then discover Grammar-Kit which just combines all the above. contans TUTORIAL, README and HOWTO pages that try to cover Grammar-Kit related topics that goes beyond standard PEG / BNF / IntelliJ documentation.

Feel free to ask more specific questions. I'll expand Grammar-Kit documentation if it turns out that some areas should be additionally explained.


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