JBoss' settings pane too tall

Hi there,

The JBoss' run settings pane does not stay withing the space the parent dialog
offers. Instead, when opening the JBoss tab, the settings dialog is resized.
On certain screen resolutions (I'm using 1280x768 on my laptop) this makes
the lower part of the dialog impossible to get to (the show the config/make
before running check boxes are out of reach as is everything below them).

What's worse, once the jboss tab was opened once, the parent dialog cannot
be brought back to a smaller size (short of removing the jboss plugin), so
now those buttons are hidden for good. Is there a way to make this behave
in a nicer way?


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Good point, please file a Jira request for it. Maybe there will be some improvement in Demetra.

Unfortunately I can't do anything from within the plugin, since most of the settings pane is provided by IDEA itself. I'm only adding the dropdown box to choose the server instance.

By the way: other application server integrations suffer from the same problem.

- Martin


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